Zhang Jike Won 2014 World Cup But Was Also Punished For His Celebration (Hd Videos)

Zhang Jike won 2014 World Cup but was also punished for his celebration (HD VIDEOS)
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Zhang Jike was crowned champion of the 2014 World Cup held in Düsseldorf, Germany. Ma Long was the favorite for the title after his previous sweeping victories, but Zhang Jike silenced critics and surprised us with his particular celebration once again. But he received a punishment for his behaviour. In the third place match Timo Boll beat Jun Mizutani.

Zhang Jike clinched the title of the 2014 Men's World Cup held in Düsseldorf, Germany. According to statistics and his performance in the previous matches, Ma Long was the favorite to win the title, but Zhang Jike showed that matches must be won at the table.

Ma Long gave the first blow as he got the first game by 11:8. But the grand slam champion leveled by 11:4 and then won the third game by 11:7. But his advantage didn't last for so long. Ma Long got the fourth game by 11:7. It was hard to pick a winner at this point, because the momentum changed at any moment. 

Ma Long kept leading and won the fifth game by 11:2. It was thought that Ma Long would also dominate the sixth game, but Zhang Jike reacted and leveled by 11:6. The deciding game was close, but Zhang Jike managed to be 10:8. Ma Long didn't give up and leveled at 10:10. Zhang Jike got his third match point after a fantastic recepcion and then won the next point to seal his victory. 

But the show didn't end after the 7th game. Zhang Jike released all the pressure kicking and destroying the barriers of the court. And then he threw his T-shirt into the crowd. 

After the award ceremony, ITTF informed through its official facebook page that Zhang Jike has been punished for his behaviour. 

Previously the final match, Timo Boll and Jun Mizutani clashed in the third place match. The Japanese player had a promising star winning the first game by 11:2. Boll fought back and won the next two games by 11:7 and 11:8. But Mizutani went back into the game and leveled by 11:6. The momentum changed and Boll got the fifth game by 11:2. The German player kept leading and secured the third place in the sixth game by 11:9.

Timo Boll vs Jun Mizutani Video kindly shared by TTCountenance

Zhang Jike vs Ma Long Video kindly shared by TTCountenance

Final - full match Video kindly shared by janus770

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