Wang Hao: The Rumour Was An Insult To Us

Wang Hao: The Rumour Was An Insult To Us
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As the rumour that the London Olympic final was staged broke out, Wang Hao felt vey angry and insulted. For him, the speculations were ridiculous and that Liu Guoliang's intention was just to lessen his pressure. At the same time, Liu Guoliang also defended himself, saying that he has never done such a thing. 

Southern Metropolis Daily. The Chinese Table Tennis Team was placed under the spotlight recently because of rumours on match-fixing. This has made Wang Hao angry.

"I feel that the speculation of some people is ridiculous. I am very angry. This is a kind of insult for me, coach Liu and Zhang Jike." Wang Hao started.  

"We all know that I wasn't able to play in the Moscow World Championships and my condition was poor before the London Olympics. I was not sure if I would win over Zhang Jike. So coach Liu lessened the pressure for me and said such. If he commanded me to win over Zhang Jike, I might not have lasted two rounds and get eliminated. Everything is for the team, for the good of the National Team." Wang Hao explained. 

Yesterday, we reported the Chinese Table Tennis Team's history in match-fixing. Liu Guoliang said that he has never done such a thing. 

"I have been telling Wang Hao not to give-up So, how would I tell him to concede? I have never done such a thing. If I ordered Wang Hao to concede, he would hate me and would have long gone playing abroad." Liu Guoliang said. 

Photo source: Sina Sports

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