Zhang Jike's Fiasco Benefits The Sponsors

Zhang Jike's Fiasco Benefits The Sponsors
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It is said that table tennis has benefited from Zhang Jike's excessive behaviour in the World Cup. But the Japanese media believes that it was the sponsors who were the biggest beneficiary of such debacle. They believe that the action itself was a violation but they understand why it happen. In addition, they think that the penalty was too harsh when it was an advantage to the sponsors. 

Tencent Sports. Aside from the table tennis sport, it is believed that Zhang Jike's actions in the World Cup were advantageous to the sponsors as well. 

Zhang Jike's excessive celebration that led to the destruction of two billboards surrounding the arena has caught worldwide attention and the Japanese media has their say on the matter as well. 

"Even a kindergarten knows the principle that you can't vandalise." 

Although they don't uphold the actions of the champion, they understand where Zhang Jike is coming from. 

"While the act itself is not encouraged and there is a violation with the relevant rules, his timely apology was an act of upright courage." 

"Zhang Jike kicking the billboards was just a momentary unintentional act of excitement, allowing the audience to feel the ecstasy from his victory. Isn't it exactly one of the charms of sports?" 

The Japanese also cited that rebellious celebrations in their country especially in baseball and football are very common but usually, the players get away with punishment afterwards. 

It is very interesting to note that the Japanese thinks that by his rather destructive merrymaking, Zhang Jike has actually increased the visibility of the sponsor's name and it is a form of advertisement and publicity. For the sponsors, it should be a good thing and they are the biggest beneficiary from this fiasco. 

"The penalty of $45,000 USD is very harsh when it was actually an excellent promotional opportunity for the sponsors."  

Photo source: Qianzhan.Com 

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