Zhang Jike's Penalty Used To Establish Fair Play Award

Zhang Jike's Penalty Used To Establish Fair Play Award
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Zhang Jike's penalty of 45,000 US Dollars was an issue in itself. Today, Chinese Media reports that the ITTF has proposed to establish a Fair Play Award that will be given to an athlete who has portrayed good behaviour in and out of the competition. Zhang Jike agrees to the proposition.

Tencent Sports. Have you ever wondered what will happen to the 45,000 USD penalty of Zhang Jike? ITTF has proposed to use it to fund an annual award.

"ITTF encourages athletes to show their passion in their match. But Zhang Jike's action of breaking the barriers is wrong. The Jury Committee can only choose either imposing a fine or cancelling his eligibility for the title as a penalty. They decided not to recall Zhang Jike's title. We were pleased. The Olympic champion had a wonderful performance in the game and he deserves the title." Newly seated ITTF President, Thomas Weikert said. 

The question now is where will Zhang Jike's fine go?

In an article posted in QQ Sports, it said that the Executive Committee of the ITTF proposed to use the penalty to establish an Annual Fair Play Award.   

"We feel that the ITTF should establish an Annual Fair Play Award and use the fine as a reward to the athlete." Thomas Weikert added. 

How does Zhang Jike think about this? "I think it is very reasonable. We should together set a good example to young athletes." Zhang Jike briefly said. 

Do you agree with the ITTF on this proposal? 

Photo source: Tencent Sports 

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