Chen Qi Receives $800 Monthly As Head Coach

Chen Qi Receives $800 Monthly As Head Coach
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Because of the success of the National Table Tennis Team in China, their athletes enjoy satisfying income and VIP treatment. Now what happens after they retire? The 2004 Olympic Men's Doubles champion Chen Qi now serves his provincial team as a head coach and he earns a meagre monthly salary of 800 US Dollars. 

Yangzi Evening News. Chen Qi is happy to serve his hometown Jiangsu by being the head coach of the table tennis team. But is he also satisfied with how much he gets from his new job?   

Chen Qi's athletic career ended last year after the National Games. In November 2013, the 2004 Athens Olympic Men's Doubles champion became the head coach of the Jiangsu Men's Table Tennis Team. 

Chen Qi hoped to stay in the National Team but because there was no vacancy at that time and Jiangsu needed a talented coach, the olympic champion returned to his hometown and openly accepted the position. 

With an impressive resume, Chen Qi earns around 5,000 yuan a month or approximately 800 US Dollars. This is way too low compared to how he earned when he was still in the National Team. However, despite that, Chen Qi is very dedicated with his work, after all he is very passionate with table tennis. 

"He is an Olympic champion. His income before is ten times higher. Now, with us, he only earns around a little more than 5000 yuan per month. Indeed, I feel a little sorry about it." Li Yibing, the director of Jiangsu Table Tennis & Badminton Centre, said. 

Because of this, Mr Li used his connections and introduced Chen Qi to some of his businessmen friends. Through this introduction, Chen Qi got some business deals with them and gets more from what he earns from the team. 

Before his retirement, Chen Qi already settled down with girlfriend Lyu Wenting. They had their marriage certificate at the start of 2011 and had their first born, Chen Zimo in the last day of 2012. 

Photo source: QQ Sports 

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