China: The New Plastic Ball Is A Potential Danger

China: The New Plastic Ball Is A Potential Danger
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The table tennis sport will undergo another major reform this year after the ITTF decided to replace the traditional celluloid ball to a new plastic ball. According to feedbacks, the new plastic ball is not very exciting to use like the traditional as it impairs the rotation. This is something that Chinese Team's head coach Liu Guoliang agrees. Although such change is a potential hazard to the team's domination, China ensures to prepare fully for it.  

PingPang World. From the celluloid ball, the table tennis sport will have a major reform this 2014 as it is scheduled to be replaced by the plastic ball. Liu Guoliang sees this as a potential hazard. 

"The ITTF will implement the reform of having plastic table tennis balls July of this year. This new ball has greatly impaired the intensity of the rotation, resulting to a large impact to our playing style." Head coach Liu Guoliang said. 

Yesterday, we reported about the plastic "seamed" ball that is believed to have almost similar effects to the traditional ball in many aspects including rotation. In the source article. there was no mention as to what Liu Guoliang was referring to, whether the seamed or seamless. 

In any way, this change is considered to be a potential threat to the Chinese Team. If they will lack preparation, then there is a possibility that other teams can take advantage. It would somehow bring all the teams back to square one. A threat to the Chinese, an opportunity to the aspiring teams. 

Although there is that ray of hope, the Chinese Team still shouldn't be taken for granted. They have practiced to always be several steps ahead of the others. Their understanding of the sport is at a high level and adapting to changes could be easily achieved. 

"Therefore, the team should pay great attention in the preparation for the Olympic Games. We must come up with effective and timely response." Liu Guoliang concluded.

Photo source: CFP

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