Chinese Team's Retirement Ceremony Trailer (Video)

Chinese Team's Retirement Ceremony Trailer (Video)
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Chinese Team's head coach Liu Guoliang has always been expressive about the importance of veterans. They might not have the strength or stamina just like before to compete against younger players, they can still be great contributors as to their honing. Respect is also one of the values the Chinese Team emphasises. With this, Liu Guoliang would actually want to acknowledge the contribution and effort from them. 

QQ Weibo. They say nothing is permanent in this world except for change. As once the main players of the Chinese Team start their new journey outside the National Team, head coach Liu Guoliang wishes them well. 

We have reported yesterday that the Chinese Team will be having a ceremony dedicated to their recent retirees which include the champions, Ma Lin, Wang Liqin, Guo Yan, among others. This ceremony will be held in Zhenjiang during the second round of the Squad Trials. 

Today, head coach Liu Guoliang posted a video on his Weibo account with a caption: 

"As of now, these praiseworthy athletes will soon bid farewell from the National Team as they embark on a new journey. We which them a successful career and a happy family! Fans, friends, together, we give them our blessings! Zhenjiang, we will see you there!" 

This video presentation shows Ma Lin, Wang Liqin, and other retirees introducing themselves, giving a message and what they wish for in the future. 

Ma Lin (Olympic champion; World Champion 18 times); Wang Liqin (Olympic champion; World Champion 17 times); Chen Qi (Olympic champion; World Champion 6 times); Guo Yan (Former team leader of the women's team; World Champion 6 times); Cao Zhen (World Champion); Qiu Yike (World Team Champion); Li Ping (World Champion); Zhang Chao (World Champion); Fan Ying (World Team Champion); Chang Chenchen (World Team Champion); Rao Jingwen (Universiade 4 gold medalist) 

Chinese Team's Retirement Ceremony Trailer
video kindly shared by Liu Guoliang's Weibo


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