Fan Zhendong Learned His Lessons From Zhang Jike (Videos)

Fan Zhendong Learned His Lessons From Zhang Jike (Videos)
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Fan Zhendong was an impressive player in his first year in the National Team. He won two Open titles, a runner-up in the Chinese National Games, and participated in the World Championships in Paris. Among the matches played, the one against Zhang Jike in Paris was somehow memorable. For the 17-year old, he realised that Zhang Jike was a rightful winner and he has learned his lesson. 

PingPang World. Fan Zhendong has showed a lot of promise in 2013 despite the fact that it was just his first year in the National Team. Being a newcomer, winning and losing give him everything to gain. As to the match against Zhang Jike in Paris, he learned his lesson. 

Winning the 2013 Polish Open has made Fan Zhendong the youngest Men's Singles champion in the history of the World Tour circuit. Just after a week, Fan Zhendong clinched another championship title and it was for the 2013 German Open where he defeated Zhang Jike. 

Fan Zhendong vs Zhang Jike 2013 German Open MS
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

In an interview after the match, Fan Zhendong was humble enough to say that Zhang Jike is the best player in the world, after all he is a Grand Slam champion. Aside from that title, Fan Zhendong was able to say so out from experience. 

Also last year, Fan Zhendong met Zhang Jike in the 2013 World Championships in Paris. It wasn't their first encounter back then as the younger player has already defeated Zhang Jike in a prior match. However, the World Championships is a major competition and high level of mental and technical strength is required.  

Fan Zhendong vs Zhang Jike 2013 WTTC MS R32
video kindly shared by janus770

"When I played against Zhang Jike, I definitely felt that I was not a heavyweight like him. The match has given me a deep understanding that Zhang Jike is most of the time very rational. In a competition, the balance of his intensity and stability, along with his ball handling, are very good. I was caught by him and wasn't able to move freely. There were a lot of mistakes and my momentum was gone." Fan Zhendong recalled. 

Having to realise what are lacking in him, Fan Zhendong plans to further improve his training so as to gain more strength and so that the next time they meet in the arena, he will be in the same wavelength. 

"For the next exercise, I feel the need to establish a stronger system. My ability in overcoming the difficulties is still lacking. The combination of mental and technical strength is what I should strengthen." Fan Zhendong concluded. 

Fan Zhendong lost to Zhang Jike in the recently concluded Squad Trials of the Chinese Team. 

Photo source: USports News

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