Ma Long Endorses New Plastic Ball

Ma Long Endorses New Plastic Ball
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The new plastic and seamless table tennis ball that is scheduled to replace the traditional celluloid ball this year has received a lot of negative comments from the table tennis community as there were issues about the speed and rotation. With that in mind, DHS now offers a better product that would give players a closer feel with that of the traditional ball. In addition, the world team champion Ma Long endorses it.  

Xinmin Evening News. 2014 is a year where the traditional celluloid ball will become history in table tennis, and the new plastic ball will be on the spotlight. Being aware of some negative issues, DHS offers a better product. 

After 123 years of service, the celluloid ball will slowly become extinct as the countdown for the new plastic ball has already started. According to the ITTF, the new ball will be used in international competitions starting July 7, of this year. 

The new ball is said to have a new material which is plastic. Since the traditional ball consists of products that are highly flammable, it is believed that such characteristic would not be favourable to the development and promotion of table tennis. 

Further change is the "seamless" feature. With this, a lot of table tennis enthusiasts and even players have given negative feedbacks on the new ball. For them, the changes hinder the sport to having exciting and entertaining matches. 

The change in the composition of the ball could be justifiable considering the dangers it has in transportation and storage. But if it would compromise the degree of entertainment of the sport, then it could also not be a favourable change for table tennis after all? 

During the research for the new table tennis ball, two processes were introduced, the seamless and with-seam. After constant comparison, researches and feedbacks from athletes, DHS's final decision was to use the with-seam technology. 

The with-seam technology retains the essence of the traditional table tennis ball as two halves will be joined to form the ball. It is believed that in terms of rotation, impact, sound, speed, and trajectory, the with-seam plastic ball is almost similar to the traditional ball. 

The DHS will be sponsoring all tournaments since 2014 to 2016, including the Rio Olympics. The DHS plastic and seamed ball has the world champion Ma Long in its packaging. 

According to the Chinese Team, they will accept all changes in table tennis and strive hard to maintain their glory. Training bases in Beijing, Shantou and Chengdu have already used the plastic seamed ball in their adaptive trainings. 

Now, do you think that the heavens have answered the petition of the table tennis community? Is the decision to have the seamed plastic ball a beneficial to table tennis? 

Photo source: QQ Weibo 

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