2014 China Open Transfers To Chengdu For 4 Years (Videos)

2014 China Open Transfers To Chengdu For 4 Years (Videos)
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Chengdu is known to be one of the training bases of the Chinese National Table Tennis Team. Despite its connection with the table tennis sport, it hasn't hosted an international competition for the past years. However, starting this year, Chengdu will be hosting the ITTF World Tour China Open for four consecutive years. 

Chengdu Daily. The ITTF and the Sichuan Table Tennis Association have agreed to have the annual China Open in the city of Chengdu for four years. 

The China Open was established in 1988. It had the regular events of a World Tour: Men's and Women's Singles, Men's and Women's Doubles. Since then, it has been hosted by various cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Suzhou. 

For the past five years, Suzhou has been the host of the China Open (Harmony Open). This city has been successful in providing a very exciting competition experience and atmosphere for both players and the fans. However, their contract ended last year and it wasn't renewed. 

The winners of the last Harmony Open were Ma Long and Chen Meng. 

Ma Long vs Xu Xin 2013 Harmony Open MS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

Chen Meng vs Liu Shiwen 2013 Harmony Open WS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

After Suzhou's contract matured, the Sichuan Table Tennis Association has been very active in negotiating with the ITTF to have the tournament in Chengdu. As a major training base of the Chinese National Team, Chengdu has a deep connection with the table tennis sport. But since 2007, it hasn't hosted an international competition. 

Thanks to the efforts of the provincial association and the tournament is awarded to Chengdu for four years, starting this year. The 2014 China Open will take place on June 4 to 8. It has also been reported that the Chengdu also has plans in bidding for the World Championships. Hosting the China Open is definitely an opportunity for them to lay a good foundation.   

Along with this development, there will only be one China Open this year. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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