2014 Chinese Super League Starts May

2014 Chinese Super League Starts May
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The hardest table tennis league in the world will take centre stage after the World Team Championships. Although the arrangements of the venues can still be adjusted, it was reported that the dates will remain the same. For this year, a new team will be welcomed and it will be Shandong Weiqiao for the men's division. After two seasons without any relegation, the Super League this time will place the bottom team at risk.

PingPang World. The organisers of the Chinese Super League have recently announced the schedule for the 2014 season. It was reported that the dates are already final but the venues may still be changed. 

Last March 11, Chinese Super League released in Sina Weibo the schedule for 2014. Based on their post, the first round of the men's division will take place on May 17, Saturday while the women will have it a day after, May 18. 

The league has been under serious reforms over the past years and they have cancelled the relegation and instead, added more teams. Since the 2012 season, Tianjin and Guangdong have been added. For this season, Shandong Weiqiao will complete the list after winning the A League. This team is different from Zhang Jike's team, Shandong Luneng. 

The 2014 season will also have the relegation back into implementation. This means that the bottom team will be placed at risk of being ousted. In order for the team to retain its position in the Super League, it should defeat the top team of the A League. 

Furthermore, the post also said that the schedule is still on its initial phase, meaning all the teams need to check it first and confirm the availability. Therefore, if there are any concerns as to the venue, the schedule of the matches might be adjusted but the dates will remain the same. 

There will also be no movements as to the players as they are in a five-year contract. However, for the case of Wang Liqin, it has been revealed that he will not be able to play this season. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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