Fan Zhendong Is Now The Focus Of The Main Players (Videos)

Fan Zhendong Is Now The Focus Of The Main Players (Videos)
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A lot were caught off guard by Fan Zhendong in his first year with the Chinese National Team. Last year, he has threatened and defeated a good number of more experienced players including the main players of the Chinese Team, Zhang Jike, Ma Long and Xu Xin. According to Liu Guoliang, Fan Zhendong has made himself their new focus of attention. 

PingPang World. Fan Zhendong is undoubtedly the fastest rising player in 2013. He presented himself as a new and formidable force in the men's table tennis. The catch is, he has attracted a lot of attention from his opponents. 

"Fan Zhendong was last year's rookie. He possesses potential for development. Male athletes would like to be in the team's core. Some of them might need a shorter time while others need more time. In the process of his growth, we must not halt the encouragement." Liu Guoliang said. 

Everyone was surpassed with how Fan Zhendong performed last year. A lot of more experienced players were caught off guard and were overwhelmed with this new and emerging power in men's table tennis. He has defeated the Grand Slam Champion Zhang Jike, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Xu Xin and was close to defeating Ma Long. 

In this year's Squad Trials, Fan Zhendong lost in two stages and was not given direct qualification to the World Team Championships. Liu Guoliang thinks that it is because Fan Zhendong has become the target. 

"Although Fan Zhendong only lost three games in the Squad Trials, his losses were from three main players: Zhang Jike, Ma Long and Xu Xin. All those matches were 0-3 defeats. This only shows that the main players are now directing all their attention to study Fan Zhendong." The head coach added. 

Fan Zhendong vs Ma Long 2014 Squad Trials (1st stage)
video kindly shared by TTJanus

At the same time, the results only proved that Fan Zhendong still has a lot to learn. "At the same time, it also shows that there are still loopholes on his play. He is still not solid enough and this has a relation to his young age. For Fan Zhendong, we need to see his potential and also the things that he lacks." Liu Guoliang explained. 

In the recent Asian Cup, Fan Zhendong was able to face Ma Long once again but almost the same as in the 2013 Chinese National Games, Fan Zhendong lost in 3-4. 

Fan Zhendong vs Ma Long 2014 Asian Cup MS Finals
video kindly shared by TTJanus

Photo source: ChinaNews 

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