Liu Guoliang: Zhang Jike In A Good Condition But Injured

Liu Guoliang: Zhang Jike In A Good Condition But Injured
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Zhang Jike has proven himself as the new leader of the Chinese Team at the start of this year. Although he didn't win in the Grand Finals, his acceptance speech during the Stars Awards Night caught the attention of everyone. Inside the arena, Zhang Jike was also impressive after he became the first qualified player to get enlisted for the World Team Championships. Head coach Liu Guoliang confirmed that the Grand Slam champion is indeed in good condition only injured. 

Tencent Sports. It was sad news when it was reported that Zhang Jike was injured and had to withdraw from the Asian Cup. Chinese Team's Liu Guoliang explained the injury. 

Last February 28, China reported their delegates for the 2014 Asian Cup and they were Zhang Jike and Fan Zhendong. 

Last March 10, the Chinese Men's Team has arrived in Xiamen for their Closed Training in preparation for the World Team Championships. Aiming to place their players in their best condition, Chinese Team's leading player, Zhang Jike, unfortunately was injured during the training. 

Eventually, the coaching staff decided to replace Zhang Jike with Ma Long for the Asian Cup. 

"The condition of Zhang Jike recently has been much better. However, the lower part of his left shoulder blade was injured. He feels uncomfortable moving it. It is even painful when he breathes and there is a little swelling. It may be neuropathic. He has told me that it has gotten slightly better but it can still get a little sore at times especially when playing chops." Liu Guoliang said. 

At the beginning of this year, Zhang Jike was awarded as ITTF's first ever Male Star Player and Fans' Male Player. In his acceptance speech, Zhang Jike spoke in English which impressed the Chinese Team and even ITTF president Adham Sharara. 

Also in January, Zhang Jike displayed considerable strength in the first stage of the Squad Trials after he defeated Ma Long in the last match. He was then rewarded as the first player of the Chinese Men's Team to be reported in the World Team Championships. 

Playing in the Asian Cup could have been the ideal situation but as stated before, better be safe than sorry. 

We wish for Zhang Jike's speedy recovery. 

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