Ma Lin Hopes To Produce An Olympic & World Champion

Ma Lin Hopes To Produce An Olympic & World Champion
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The journey of Ma Lin together with the Chinese National Team has already ended and he has already started facing a new responsibility in his life. Appointed as the new director of the Guangzhou Table Tennis Management Centre, Ma Lin aims to produce more talents into the National Team and also to cultivate an Olympic and world champion. Furthermore, the 2008 Olympic champion still yearns to be back into the National Team. 

Sohu Sports. The veterans of the Chinese Team were given recognition last week during the Squad Trials. In an interview, Ma Lin admitted that his role has changed and his goal is to produce an Olympic and World Champion. 

During the Chinese Team's Squad Trials in Zhenjiang last week, Ma Lin and the rest of the retirees were recognised for their priceless contribution. After the ceremony, Ma Lin shared his thoughts on his new role. 

"I have just stepped down. Indeed, my new job and being an athlete before are two entirely different concepts." Ma Lin said. As an athlete, the team prepares everything for him but now, he prepares everything for the team. 

Ma Lin's current assignment is being a director for the Guangzhou Table Tennis Management Centre and his goal is clear. "My specific objective certainly is to cultivate an Olympic and World Champion. Then, on this basis, be able to offer more talents into the National Team. This should be that one most basic target." Ma Lin revealed.  

In line with that, Ma Lin seemed to be eyeing Liu Shiwen, a local of Guangzhou to be his biggest prospect for an Olympic or World Champion. During the trials, Ma Lin was seen along the sidelines talking to Liu Shiwen. 

"I communicate with Liu Shiwen on her problems that arise in the field. This is the first time that I came to watch a women's game. Although I was concern with the provincial team before but it wasn't that comprehensive." He added. 

Lastly, Ma Lin admitted that he still would want to return into the National Team, not as a player but as a coach. "As of now, the primary task is to complete my studies. If there is a chance, I am will to take part in a competitive selection for a position of a National Team's coach." Ma Lin concluded. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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