Matsudaira & Yoshimura Struggled In The German Open Qualifiers

Matsudaira & Yoshimura Struggled In The German Open Qualifiers
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For some lucky ones, only two victories were needed to be in the main draw. But it seemed that the Japanese Kenji Matsudaira was the luckiest after all he only had one victory in the qualifying stage. On the other hand, there were also some who are not so lucky as there was an additional preliminary round before the main attraction. In this part, the Chinese qualifiers seemed prepared for it.  

ITTF. The qualifying stage of the 2014 German Open has ended today, March 27, with the Japanese Matsudaira and Yoshimura struggling, and the Chinese qualifiers not minding the additional preliminaries.  

After his opening victory yesterday, Daniel Habesohn continued to play well in the competition. Today, he defeated Gavin Rumgay and with two victories, the highest ranking player on duty in the qualifying stage, Daniel Habesohn advances into the main draw. 

Not so safely through, the Japanese Kenji Matsudaira struggled today against David Reitspies. Fortunately, for him, such loss did not led him to elimination. With a 6:4 game ratio, he sealed a place in the next stage of the competition. 

There were not much casualties posted in groups 1 to 18 yesterday but after the third round, Pawel Fertikowski, Mattias Karlsson, and Robin Devos caused more upsets. Of course, China's Lyu Xiang and Portugal's Joao Geraldo were already safe since yesterday. 

As for the rest of the groups, the third round was not yet the end as the winners still had to go through one round in the preliminaries. 

In this part, the players of the Chinese Team somehow did not mind it at all. Except for Yu Ziyang who lost to Steffen Mengel in the third round, the others, Wei Shihao, Zhou Qihao, and Zhou Kai all made it into the preliminaries. 

Wei Shihao defeated Daniel Gorak in 4-1, Zhou Kai eliminated Jang Woo Jin in 4-1, and Zhou Qihao posted a 4-2 against Mikhail Paikov. 

The Japanese Maharu Yoshimura also had to face the preliminaries and was close to elimination. But with slim margins, Yoshimura survived Ivan Katkov of Ukraine in 11-7, 8-11, 11-5, 7-11, 9-11, 11-6, 11-9. 

Photo source: ITTF 

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