Ovtcharov: "All My Body Aches" (Videos)

Ovtcharov: "All my body aches" (VIDEOS)
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Those were the first words of Dimitrij Ovtcharov after winning his second title at the German Open. The final day of the 2014 German Open was a marathon for Ovtcharov. To reach the finals, he overcame Tiago Apolonia in a full-distance match with a thrilling end. And the final wasn't different, a nail-biting victory over Jun Mizutani.


Dimitrij Ovtcharov captured his second German Open's title in a sensational way on Sunday. In the previous matches he was never under pressure. In the 1st round Ovtcharov beat Sweden Mattias Oversj by 4:0. The he eliminated his compatriot Ruwen Filus by 4:1.  In the 3rd round he overcame Patrick Baum by 4:1 and in quarterfinals he put an end to Seiya Kishikawa's route by 4:1. 

But in semifinals Ovctharov faced the first hard hurdle. At the 2014 European Cup held in February he suffered an unexpected defeat against Tiago Apolonia in the group phase. Now it was his chance to revenge.  

In quarterfinals Tiago Apolonia had swept with Michael Maze, but Ovtcharov was still the favorite to reach the final. And the German player fulfilled expectations, but he made German fans suffer in Magdeburg. Ovtcharov beat Apolonia in a full-distance match. In the final the European champion didn't have an easy match either. He emerged successfully in seven games again.

After the final, Ovtcharv said: "This has been a great tournament for me, I have had a lot of tight victories and have played to my ability. I am very happy and I am much more confident now heading into the World Championships.” 

On Monday morning Ovtcharov's body felt all the mental and physical effort. The German champion said: "All my body aches. And I am very tired"

It can be thought that he would take some days off after such as performance, but that idea didn't cross Ovtcharov's mind: "I would like to have Monday and Tuesday off" Unfortunately, that isn't possible for him, because Germany already started with the training sessions for the World Team Championships. 

Dmitrij Ovtcharov's interview after te final Video  kindly shared by Offcial ITTF Channel

Dimitrij Ovtcharov vs Tiago Apolonia Video  kindly shared by Offcial ITTF Channel

Dimitrij Ovtcharov vs Jun Mizutani Video kindly shared by Offcial ITTF Channel

Photo and info. source: Tischtennis in Deutschland's facebok page - 
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