Testing Timo Boll's Eyesigth (Video)

Testing Timo Boll's eyesigth (VIDEO)
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It is known that Table Tennis is good to build reaction skills and to stimulate our brain. But what about our eyesigth? Some time ago a researcher wanted to test Timo Boll's eyesigth got by playing Table Tennis. The German star's performance was compared to an amateur table tennis player and a fighter pilot.

Yesterday we presented the benefits of table tennis for our brain. Today we want to show you the benefits of our sport for our eyesight. 

Some years ago a researcher wanted to measure Timo Boll's eyesigth. The study isn't about to test, if Boll has a good or bad sight, but to know his capacity to follow objects in motion. 

Timo participated in two test. In the first test Timo Boll and an amateur table tennis player had to see the number on the ball thrown by a table tennis robot. Boll answered right the first ball, but he made mistakes when speed increased. His first result was 3 of 5 and 2 of 5 with faster speed. Then it was amateur player's turn. Boll won the first challenge, but the amateur player used a better tactic in the second challenge with faster speed and got better results. He looked at the ball until his racket had contact with it to see the number on the ball. 

In the second test Timo Boll and the amateur player got a new rival, a fighter pilot. In this test the research wanted to measure the eye speed (degree per second) to follow objects. The eye speed of a "normal" person is 180. The video showed the result of the participants. 

Video kindly shared by Bollforte94

As a conclusion it can be said that table tennis helps to see objects in motion. The amateur player's eye speed is over the average, while the fighter pilot's eye speed isn't different from a normal person. In the case of Timo Boll, his result was outstanding. 

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