Wang Liqin: Ma Lin Was A Headache (Video)

Wang Liqin: Ma Lin Was A Headache (Video)
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The time has come for the three-time World Champion Wang Liqin to bid goodbye to the family he has been for more than a decade. Last week, as the Chinese Team had their Retirement Ceremony, Wang Liqin, among others were recognised for their precious contribution. For Wang Liqin, competing with Ma Lin is an important memory in his table tennis career. 

Tencent Sports. After 10 tears of international competition, Wang Liqin has ended his journey with the Chinese National Team on the same day with Ma Lin. 

"I would like to thank him for my achievements. His glory also has my efforts." Wang Liqin said when describing his relationship with Ma Lin. 

Both Wang Liqin and Ma Lin have served the Chinese National Team very well. Although they were not able to complete their Grand Slam, completing 18 (Ma Lin) and 16 (Wang Liqin) world championships before saying goodbye to the National Team is a high honour in itself.

"Ma Lin is a very good athlete. Whenever in a competition, he will give his opponent a very tough time. No matter if he is leading or behind, Ma Lin will always be a headache." Wang Liqin said, probably speaking from experience as well. 

"Although his strengths may not be as strong sometimes, but his variations are the best among the outstanding athletes of the National Team. Also through his extraordinary skills, he has achieved what he has today. Between us, we have mutual promotion and improvement. In the National Team, I never stopped because there was such a formidable opponent and I have to urge myself forward." Wang Liqin concluded. 

Here is a video where Wang Liqin could have though Ma Lin as a headache: the semifinals of the 2008 Olympics Men's Singles. 

Wang Liqin vs Ma Lin 2008 Olympics MS SF
video kindly shared by TableTennisSports

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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