French League Says No To The Polly Ball!

French League says no to the polly ball!
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The French Table Tennis Federation announced that the French League won't implement the new plastic ball for the next season 2014-15. The French Federation analysed the situation and decided against the new ball, because there is still uncertainty about it. For example, There is no enough world stock of polly balls, and players won't have time to train with them, among others.

The International Table Tennis Federation announced that the new plastic ball will be officially used in ITTF tournaments since 1st July 2014. This caused controversy among players and fans around the world, but that didn't change the ITTF's decision. 

ITTF also informed about competitions which will be played with the new ball:

  • World Championships
  • World Junior Championships
  • World Cups
  • World Tour events and the World Tour Grand Finals
  • Global Junior Circuit, except from the Korea Open, Hong Kong Open, Guatemala Open and El Salvador Open. 
  • ITTT Championships and ITTF Continental Championships (European Championships)
  • Qualifications to the Olympic Games
  • Young Olympic Qualification tournaments (except from Nanjing 2014)

This doesn't include national leagues and championships, so National Federations can decide when to implement the new plastic balls. The French Table Tenis Federation analysed the implementation of the new ball and decided not to implement it, at least in the next season of the French League. So the French League will be played with the celluloid ball. 

The French Federation officially announced the reasons of its decision on its web site:

  • It is thought that manufacturers won't have enough supply on time (at least not until summer when players are in the pre-season) DHS informed that they haven't started the mass production, while Xushaofa informed that they have enough stock, but its ball won't be used in the 2014 and 2015 ITTF World Tour Circuit. 
  • The world production isn't ready yet. 
  • There is no enough stock currently, so no enough balls to train
  • There is no information from manufacturers
  • Celluloid balls will continue to be manufactured
  • Clubs still have large stock of celluloid balls

French Federation's report also mentioned the situation in Germany. The Germany Federation recommends that the Bundesliga, second and third division implement the new ball, while people in charge of other divisions can decide if they implement or not the polly ball. 

French Federation's official report here

Do you agree about French Federation's decision? 

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