Liu Shiwen Injured

Liu Shiwen Injured
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The upcoming World Championships is an extremely important competition for Liu Shiwen and she definitely can't afford to miss this chance. Unfortunately, it was revealed that Liu Shiwen is injured as the Closed Training concluded last week. 

Beijing Times. There is no good timing for an injury but as the World Championships is getting nearer, having it could be the worst. 

After roughly 35 days in Chengdu, the Chinese Women's Team has ended their Closed Training in preparation for the 2014 World Championships. The head coach, Kong Linghui expressed his satisfaction with the results of the training as he believes that all expectations have been met. 

However, as the team conducted their Warm-up Match last week, a potential problem aroused after Liu Shiwen withdrew from the competition due to injury. 

Fortunately, the team believes that such injury will not have a great impact on the upcoming competition. 

Furthermore, Kong Linghui said that Ding Ning and Li Xiaoxia will be the team's core players in the World Championships. 

"They both have experienced the Olympic Games and the World Championships. They are experienced. Li Xiaoxia will be playing as the team captain for the first time. Her sense of responsibility has greatly improved. Meanwhile, Ding Ning currently has the best condition." Kong Linghui said. 

Photo source: CFP

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