Lü Xiang: The Son Of An Olympic Champion (Video)

Lü Xiang: The Son Of An Olympic Champion (Video)
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The Chinese Team was not victorious enough in the 2014 German Open after their players lost in the Singles. But they didn't return home empty-handed as Wang Hao, together with a young player Lü (Lyu) Xiang clinched the Men's Doubles title. Let us find out more about this new face of the Chinese Team.

QianJiang Evening News. We saw some new faces of the Chinese Team in the recently concluded German Open. Among them, it was only Xiang who was able to reach the highest medal podium. 

Who is Xiang? 

Xiang is the son of the 1992 Doubles Olympic champion Lin and he has been exposed to table tennis ever since he was born in 1996 in Zhejiang. 

During the 2006 Junior Table Tennis Championships, held in Hangzhou, the 10-year old Xiang faced the reporters and said: 

"My idol is not my father, it is Chen Qi because I haven't seen my father play. I like Chen Qi because he is a left shake hand player. We are the same." 

Although he doesn't idolise his father, Xiang also wants to be an Olympic champion. In addition, he also wants to conquer the World Championships.  

Eight years after, Xiang grew to be a big guy and last Sunday, he got his first international recognition: the German Open Men's Doubles. 

With Wang Hao, Xiang defeated the partnership of Tan Ruiwu and Wang Zengyi in 3-1 (13-11, 10-12, 11-4, 11-2). 

Lü Xiang / Wang Hao 2014 German Open MD Finals
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

"His performance was better than expected. I watched the game in TV and it was very exciting. Everyone has confirmed his performance." Zhejiang Province Table Tennis Team head coach, Zhao Di said. 

However, the coach said that Wang Hao was just a temporary partner for Xiang. " Xiang entered the National Team in 2012. He is still in the second team and his head coach is Liu Guozheng." 

Xiang was still playing in the Junior competitions last year. His best achievement is the 2013 Asian Junior Championships Team title.

Photo source: Xinhua Net

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