Players Not Happy With Cameras Next To The Net At Tokyo2014

Players not happy with cameras next to the net at Tokyo2014
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Tokyo is ready to the 2014 World Team Championshisp to kick off on Monday. Most of the countries arrived in Japan and have already trained in the Yoyogi Arena. Everthing has been ok in training, except for the cameras installed next to the net of the tables at the central court.

Tokyo is ready for the 2014 World Team Championships. Almost all the teams have arrived in Japan to compete since Monday at the Yoyogi Arena. 

On social networks we have already seen photos and videos of countries such as China, France, Germany, Brazil, Spain and Japan training in Tokyo. Today Saturday teams had the chance to train in the main court, where tables with TV broadcasting are. 

The German Federation has published reports of its team's trainings in Tokyo and also gives us some details of the Yoyogi Arena. In the main court there are electronic ads, which Timo Boll found them good: "I'm for having Hightech. I think it's good if the court has a modern look. Besides, that's how it has to be in Japan."

But another element in the court didn't have good reception from players. This is the camera next to the net in tables of the main court (as can be seen in the photo). In other tournaments there have been cameras at the tables, but it seems that they weren't so big to interfere in rallies. 

The official facebook page of the German Federation published a photo of a table with the controversial camera and added a comment in German (translation): The black thing at the right side of the net is a camera for TV broadcasting. On Saturday there were already complaints from players and team representatives, because the camera and tripod could block the ball, when players play extreme rallies diagonally. As Timo Boll was training with Vladimir Samsonov, he had some problems with that. 

There hasn't been more information about this problem, but what will happen with the cameras, doubtless we will know it on Monday. 

Photo and info. source: Tischtennis in Deutschland's facebook page (Photo: Manfred Schilling)
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