The Downside Of Being Fan Zhendong

The Downside Of Being Fan Zhendong
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Fan Zhendong has recently received high praises from the Bayi coach Wang Tao. However, Fan Zhendong is still undeniably young and therefore, there are still areas that need improvements. Wang Tao cited that the 17-year old sensation must need to continue progressing as difficult opponents and competitions await him. 

Sina Sports. Fan Zhendong has attracted a lot of attention and the price he has to pay for it is more difficult competitions. 

Just recently, Bayi's head coach Wang Tao gave high regards on his 17-year old player Fan Zhendong, after all he has displayed above average performance in both domestic and international competitions. 

However, Wang Tao admits that since Fan Zhendong is still young, there are still some issues that need to be address. Furthermore, he warns Fan Zhendong to never cease to better himself. 

"He still has certain aspects where he can improve. With his current position, a lot would consider him as a target or an expert. They will study him not only from the domestic scene but also from foreign players. He will be faced with bigger difficulties so he needs to progress. A lot of difficult opponents and competitions are waiting for him. He needs to make a daily effort." Wang Tao explained. 

Photo source: Sportsphoto China 

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