Tie Yana Hopes To Play In The Rio Olympics

Tie Yana Hopes To Play In The Rio Olympics
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Tie Yana has given birth a few months ago and the outside world thought that she has found new joy in his life apart from table tennis and that is motherhood. However, in her recent interview, it seems that she still hasn't decided on retiring yet and even plans to adhere for the 2014 World Championships and the 2016 Olympic Games. 

East Network News. Tie Yana and Tang Peng are now proud parents. With the new addition to their family, both plans to play int he 2016 Olympics. 

After more than a year of absence from table tennis competition due to pregnancy, a lot have figured that Tie Yana might have decided to retire and spend more time for motherhood. She gave birth a couple of months ago. 

However, it is not entirely true as one of Hong Kong's main player is even targeting the 2014 World Team Championships at the end of this month. Hong Kong coach said that although they are not expecting too much from Tie Yana, her participation will give a big boost to their team of old and new players. 

Tie Yana also looks beyond just 2014. She hopes to play in the 2016 Olympic Games. 

"A lot of people have asked me about my plans in coming back. First, I hope to adhere for the 2016 Olympic Games. This is my goal. But I need to consider my physical condition. I would not want to force myself too much." Tie Yana said. 

Her husband, Tang Peng is very supportive in Tie Yana's goal. 

"I certainly agree. Talent wise, there is no problem. It just depends on the physical aspect. We wish we can both play for the 2016 Olympic Games. It has been our goal since 2012. It is also the reason why we are still playing until today." Tang Peng said.  

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