Wang Hao Doesn't Want His Son To Be In Table Tennis

Wang Hao Doesn't Want His Son To Be In Table Tennis
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It wouldn't be surprising to see the offsprings of table tennis champions to follow the footsteps of their parents. However, that's not the case at least for some. Wang Hao, who recently had a son, expressed his intentions not to engage his child to table tennis in the future.  

New Business Daily. There are a lot of table tennis fans in China but as far as the children of former champions, not so much. 

The Bayi Team recently had a press conference in Beijing and Wang Hao revealed his intentions concerning his newborn child who is now 5 months old. 

"In the future, I will probably not allow him to engage in table tennis. But I will respect everything that he prefers and chooses. It is still early to say as of now though." Wang Hao said. 

While Wang Hao isn't quite keen with his son in table tennis, other former champions simply don't have children who are interested in the sport or they opted for their children to play abroad. 

World Champion Ma Wenge returned to Tianjin in 2009 after staying in Germany. He returned with his two sons Haoze and Anze. Ma Wenge let them play table tennis but both of his sons are not interested into making it professional. 

Li Nan, daughter of Chinese table tennis legends Li Zhenshi and Zhang Li, once played table tennis but for the American Team. However, later, she has decided to just make the sport a hobby. Currently, she serves as a secretary of the US Table Tennis Association. 

Grand Slam champion Zhang Yining revealed last year that if ever her daughter would want to play table tennis professionally, she will have her represent the Hong Kong Team and not China. Li Qiangbing, daughter of Li Xiaodong, was already encouraged by his father to play abroad. Li Qiangbing is now part of the Austrian Team. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports

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