Zhang Jike Feels Pressure With His Responsibilities In Tokyo (Videos)

Zhang Jike Feels Pressure With His Responsibilities In Tokyo (Videos)
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Ma Long may have been elected as the Team Captain, but Zhang Jike also has big responsibilities in the upcoming competition. Head coach Liu Guoliang regards the Grand Slam champion as the leader and taking the lead in stabilising the morale of the team gives Zhang Jike a certain amount of pressure. 

Sina Sports. With high expectations, leading a strong team certainly has its pressures, even Zhang Jike feels it. 

Early this week, we have reported on the election of Ma Long as the Team Captain of the Chinese Team. However, Zhang Jike is not free from any responsibilities in the upcoming World Team Championships. 

"In the prior team competitions, Zhang Jike also lost quite a number of matches. So, in this Olympic cycle, since he is already the leader, he must take responsibility in stabilising the morale of the team." Liu Guoliang said. 

Zhang Jike lost to Timo Boll in the 2012 Olympic Men's Team semifinals. In last year's World Team Cup, Zhang Jike lost to Chen Chien An. 

Zhang Jike vs Timo Boll 2012 London Olympics MT SF
video kindly shared by TTAlphaRSM

Zhang Jike vs Chen Chien An 2013 World Team Cup
video kindly shared by janus770

Being the only Grand Slam player in the Chinese Team currently, Zhang Jike is facing high expectations from the team especially from Liu Guoliang. Committing mistakes could be painful. 

"The responsibility I assume in the team right now is certainly different. Therefore, in this upcoming World championships, there is a certain level of pressure." Zhang Jike confirmed. 

Photo source: Sportsphoto China 

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