Fan Zhendong: The Youngest World Champion In History (Video)

Fan Zhendong: The Youngest World Champion In History (Video)
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Ever since Fan Zhendong entered the Chinese National Team, these young guy has been breaking records in men's table tennis. After being the youngest member of the Chinese Team and the youngest World Tour champion, now, Fan Zhendong is the youngest world champion on record. 

Qianlong Net. Fan Zhendong's appearance in the 2014 World Team Championships has just altered the records of men's table tennis. 

The 17-year old Fan Zhendong had two chances to play in the recently concluded 2014 World Team Championships. In the second round in the qualifying stage, Fan Zhendong led the Chinese lineup against Poland. He faced Daniel Gorak. 

Being in this kind of competition for the first time, Fan Zhendong clearly struggled. He was down in 0-2 before he found his stance in the match and survived. 

In his second appearance in the competition, Fan Zhendong has adjusted well and scored 3-0 against Alexey Liventsov. 

Fan Zhendong vs Alexey Liventsov 2014 WTTC MT
video kindly shared by janus770

Although Fan Zhendong wasn't given a chance to play in the main draw, with his teammates Zhang Jike, Ma Long and Xu Xin winning the finals against Germany, he also has become a world champion. 

Fan Zhendong, 17 years and 103 days old, has surpassed Ma Long as the youngest world champion in the history of men's table tennis. 

Photo source: SportsPhoto 

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The longest rally ever lasted 2 hours and 12 minutes. It was played in the 1936 WTTC

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