Liu Shiwen Impressed Kong Linghui In Tokyo (Video)

Liu Shiwen Impressed Kong Linghui In Tokyo (Video)
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The 2014 World Team Championships was an important competition for Liu Shiwen as she had to prove that she can take on the team challenge. Indeed, after a week of competition, Liu Shiwen was undefeated and contributed greatly to the overall victory of the Chinese Women's Team. 

Xinhua Net. The 2014 World Team Championships was a big test for Liu Shiwen and finally, she passed. 

The Chinese Women's Team has successfully defended the Corbillon Cup after they were hailed as champions in Tokyo early this week. In the competition, Ding Ning, Li Xiaoxia and Liu Shiwen bore the biggest responsibility and they didn't fail. 

However, among the three, it was Liu Shiwen who had to be tested. Fully aware of what happened in Moscow four years ago, Liu Shiwen had to prove to the team that she can handle team pressure. 

Kong Linghui has recognised the strength of Liu Shiwen in the Singles but this time, the head coach has praised his player after a successful performance in the World Team Championships, losing only one set all throughout.  

Liu Shiwen vs Sayaka Hirano 2014 WTTC WT Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

"Liu Shiwen has lost in previous team competitions but this time, she had an extremely good performance. The coaching staff has given her a lot of opportunities. I am very satisfied with her performance." 

With this, Liu Shiwen has increased her chances to be in the Rio Olympics. Unfortunately, the competition for her continues. "I have been emphasising that all our five main players, even Wu Yang, have the chance to participate in the Olympic Games." Kong Linghui added. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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