Wang Liqin Trains Their Younger Players

Wang Liqin Trains Their Younger Players
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After retiring from the Chinese National Team last year, Wang Liqin has taken a different role in this season's Chinese Super League: from a player to being a coach. Now, the three-time World Champion trains their younger players Zhao Zihao and Chen Zhiyang, hoping that in the future, they will become leaders of the team. 

Sina Sports. Wang Liqin acts as the coach of the Shanghai Team in the Super League and he puts focus on training their new players Zhao Zihao and Chen Zhiyang. 

"I am serving as the head coach in this season's Chinese Super League. In the last round, the team went to Sichuan, I went there too. Today was our first game in our home court this season. I hoped that we would get a good start." Wang Liqin said. 

Now that Wang Liqin is a coach, One of his tasks is to train the team's younger players Zhao Zihao and Chen Zhiyang. 

"The team had some adjustments. Aside from Xu Xin and Shang Kun being the main players, we have added to players this season: Zhao Zihao and Chen Zhiyang. This is their first time to play in the league and it is a very good opportunity for them to train. The Shanghai Team also hopes that we could train our local players through this competition." He explained. 

"I hope that Zhao Zihao will cherish his opportunities to participate in the competition and be able to achieve a good exercise. In the future, he can represent the Shanghai Team and achieve good results. Chen Zhiyang's performance among the team is very good. He has trained with some of the main players and has continuously invested." Wang Liqin added. 

Wang Liqin admitted that it is impossible for him to always follow the team around. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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