Xu Xin: I Wanted To Remind The World That I’M Number One (Video)

Xu Xin: I wanted to remind the world that I’m number one (VIDEO)
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China emerged as champion of the 2014 World Team Championships and got its 19th title. China suffered more than expected to beat Germany in the final this time. Chinese players don't use to showing too much emotion, besides shouting, but this Chinese generation has evolved in this. We could see that in Xu Xin's victory over Franziska when he said to the world that he is the number one.

China became champion of the 2014 World Team Championships held in Tokyo. Liu Guoliang's pupils beat Germany in the final once again, but this time they have to fight more than expected. 

Ma Long beat Timo Boll by 3:0 in the opening match. In the second match Dimitrij Ovtcharov surprised everyone as he swept with Zhang Jike. Ovtcharov's performance was so great that Liu Guoliang even thought of defeat. That's way Xu Xin's victory in the third match was so important. 

Patrick Franziska had already caused upset in semifinals after beating Kenta Matsudaira. After such a victory of Ovtcharov, the younger German player could have got inspired, but Xu Xin destroyed any hope. The penholder overcame Franziska by 3:0 and gave the second victory to China. 

Just after winning the last point, Xu Xin pointed to the China's flag on his t-shirt and then to his name on his back. What he wanted to say, he explained after the match to ITTF's journalist Ian Marshall. He said that Zhang Jike and Ma Long weren't in last year's World Cup, so the best players didn't play. Tokyo 2014 was a world team championships, so the best player were there. With his victory, he wanted to prove that he is the number one. 

Xu Xin's interview Video kindly shared by Offical ITTF Channel

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