Zhang Jike's Father Furiously Disappointed (Video)

Zhang Jike's Father Furiously Disappointed (VIDEO)
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Liu Guoliang has been surprisingly calm in handling the crushing defeat of Zhang Jike in the 2014 World Team Championships but the father of the Grand Slam champion can't help himself but feel bad about his son's poor performance. He is simply disappointed. 

Qingdao News. Zhang Jike has raised doubts upon him once again after his poor performance in Tokyo recently. One of the very disappointed people was his father, Zhang Chuanming. 

"I haven't called him recently. I easily got angry when I watched him play. I think me and him need to calm down." Zhang Chuanming said in a phone interview last May 7 in the afternoon. 

"I was extremely anxious watching him play that day. Bad techniques, it doesn't matter. Losing the match, it doesn't matter. But looking at his performance that day, there was no fighting spirit. Others where cheering for him but he was simply in a daze. It really worried me to death." The father added. 

Liu Guoliang, surprisingly, didn't blame Zhang Jike too much after the game, but the father can't give any excuses for what happened. 

"Defeat is defeat. I cannot find reasons. Say whatever the state of mind, there was no adjustment. Say he is a Grand Slam winner so the pressure is big. These are not excuses. Not being able to adjust himself is his problem." He explained. 

Amidst all those criticisms, Zhang Chuanming, as a father, is, of course, very concerned with the condition of his son. He revealed that he plans of writing him a letter or calling him to draw lessons from such failure. 

It seems that Mr. Zhang was in Yoyogi Arena the day of the final, according to the video shared by ITTF commentator Adam Bobrow, which shows his reaction after his son's defeat against Dimitrij Ovtcharov. Bobrow reported that minutes later he left and didn't go back to see the other matches. But it isn't clear, if the man is Zhang Jike's father, but he is curiously wearing a Tshirt very similar to the one worn by Mr. Zhang in Paris 2014. Here  it is the famous photo of Zhang Jike celebrating with his parents in WTTC Paris 2013. 

Photo source: CFP 

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