Argentina, Puerto Rico And Venezuela Won The 2014 Latin American Youth Championships' Singles Events

Argentina, Puerto Rico and Venezuela won the 2014 Latin American Youth Championships' singles events
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Argentina, Puerto Rico and Venezuela put an end to Brazil's supremacy in Latin America. After the three gold medals of the team event, Brazil couldn't step up to the highest place in the podium in doubles and singles. Fermín Tenti, Francisco Sanchi, Gremlis Ravelo and Adriana Díaz won the singles titles. 

Brazil couldn't celebrate after the three gold medals won in the team events. Argentina, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Peru emerged as champions in the doubles and singles events. 

Fermín Tenti of Argentina clinched the title of the junior event after beating Brazil's Massao Kohatsu by 11:9, 11:8, 9:11, 8:11, 11:9 and 11:6 in the final. Mexico's Ricardo Villa and Argentina's Horacio Cifuentes got the third place. 

In the junior girls' singles Gremlis Arvelo claimed the title. She stood victorious over Puerto Rico's Melanie Diaz by 5:11, 9:11, 11:9, 6:11, 11:9, 11:7 and 11:4. Brazil's Leticia Nakada and Puerto Rico's Daniely Rios won the bronze medal. 

In the cadet boys' singles Francisco Sanchi of Argentina defeated Brazil's Vitor Santos by 11:6, 11:6, 12:10 and 11:6 in the final. Peru's Juan Liyua and Venezuela's Franklin Rodriguez got the third place. Adriana Diaz emerged as champion in the cadet girls' singles as she overcame Brazil's Bruna Takahashi by 11:6, 11:5, 11:6 and 11:8 in the final. The bronze medal went to Brazil's Alexei Nakashima and Peru's Grecia Loayza.

In the junior boys' doubles Argentina's Fermín Tenti and Horacio Cifuentes claimed the title after winning by disqualification. Chilean pair of Gerardo Palma and Juan Lamadrid got the second place. Brazil's Isaac Zauli and Massao Kohatsu, and Colombia's Ayrtom Oviedo and Carlos Zapata got the bronze medal. 

In the junior girls' doubles Puerto Rico's Melanie Diaz and Daniely Rios won the gold medal as they defeated Venezuela's Gremlis Arvelo and Wimberly Montero by 3:1. Argentina's Candela Molero and Ana Zapatero, and Brazil's Leticia Nakada and Martina Kohatsu got the third place. Venezuela's Pablo Navarro and Gremlis Arvelo stood victorious over Brazil's Isaac Zauli and Martina Kohatsu in the mixed doubles' final. Brazil's Massao Kohatsu/Leticia Nakada and Venezuela's Emmanuel Rosas and Winberly Montero won the bronze medal.

In the cadet boys' doubles Peru's Marzio Chu and Juan Liyua won the first place as they overcame Venezuela's Franklin Rodriguez and Pedro Gramko by 3:0. Colombia's Santiago Gonzalez/Daniel Jimenez and Brazil's Pedro Rodriguez ad Rafael Torino won the bronze medal. 

Puerto Rico's Adriana Diaz and Lineris Rivera won the cadet girls doubles after beating Brazil's Bruna Takahashi and Alexia Nakashima by 3:1. Mexico's Ingrid Gama/Hannia Padilla and Argentina's Camila Kaizoji/Candela Perez got the third place. 

The Puerto Rican pairing of Adriana Diaz and Sebastian Echeverria won the cadet mixed doubles. They defeated the Mexican pair of Diego Fuentes and Hannia Padilla by 3:1. Brazil's Vitor Santos and Bruna Takahashi and Brazil's Rafael Torina and Daniela Yano won the bronze medal.  

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