Liu Guoliang Criticises Reform On World Championships

Liu Guoliang Criticises Reform On World Championships
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The World Championships will be going through a reform which limits the number of participants from each association. This is something that head coach Liu Guoliang doesn't seem to agree. He believes that such move will not be in favour to the development of the sport.  

China Youth Daily. After the Olympic Games had a reform on the number of participants, the World Championship now follows. 

According to the new developments, each team, if not the hosting team, will only have five players for the World Championships. The Chinese Team usually has seven players just for the Singles with more players for the Doubles. 

Of course, Liu Guoliang isn't that very happy with the reform. For him, it only gives adverse effects on the Chinese Team and nothing on the promotion of table tennis. 

"This reform on the policies has a great adverse effect on the Chinese Team." Liu Guoliang said. He thinks that aside from having a negative effect on strong teams, it also doesn't have any help towards the weaker teams. "Therefore, this reform does not promote the development of table tennis." He added.

Liu Guoliang explains that there is no good coming from restraining the strong teams. "The development of table tennis can not rely on restraining the strong teams but instead raise the level of the middle and lower ranking teams. With that, table tennis will have an even better promotion."  He concluded. 

What do you think of this reform? 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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