Liu Guoliang: Ma Long Is Likely To Achieve His Dreams In This Cycle (Videos)

Liu Guoliang: Ma Long Is Likely To Achieve His Dreams In This Cycle (Videos)
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If there's one person who really stood out in the 2014 World Team Championships finals between China and Germany, it will certainly be Ma Long. For the Chinese Team, Ma Long saved them from greater danger and head coach Liu Guoliang was very impressed on his performance. In his interview after the competition, Liu Guoliang believes that Ma Long can achieve his dreams in this Olympic cycle. 

PingPang World. Ma Long has really stepped up in the 2014 World Team Championships and Liu Guoliang can see more accomplishments from him in this Olympic Cycle. 

"Ma Long got two points in the finals and those points were extremely critical. If the match reached the decider and have the unconditioned Zhang Jike into the arena, the danger would have been very big." Liu Guoliang said, recalling what transpired in the finals against Germany. 

Ma Long vs Timo Boll 2014 WTTC MT Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

Ma Long vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov 2014 WTTC MT Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

Among his roster of strong players, it was Ma Long who really stood up in that match. But the head coach recalled that the player actually didn't start well in the competition. 

"This time, Ma Long played a bit stiff before the semifinals. He wasn't comfortable. After the quarterfinals I helped him remove all burdens. I thought that if he will be able to put down his baggages, then his mental state will improve. Coming into the day of the finals, Ma Long said that he just had the best sleep and he even didn't felt the earthquake." He added. 

Ma Long is the strongest player in men's table tennis but there has always been questions why he still hasn't completed the Grand Slam. After seeing Ma Long's transformation in Tokyo, Liu Guoliang can now see the realisation of his dreams this cycle. 

"I feel that Ma Long's performance this time has been more mature, sophisticated, and he did some adjustments in his playing style. I felt that what was the most valuable is that he was able to see the results, see the hope. If he can really get into another level then in this cycle, he is likely to achieve his dreams." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

Photo source: Usport News

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