Liu Guoliang Views Ittf's Reforms Dangerous To Table Tennis

Liu Guoliang Views ITTF's Reforms Dangerous To Table Tennis
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In every reform of the ITTF, the biggest effects are usually on the Chinese Team. But this year, with the upcoming changes as to the number of participants in the World Championships, head coach Liu Guoliang thinks that the most adverse effect is on the table tennis sport. 

Beijing News. The chances to participate in big competitions like the Olympics and the World Championships for athletes are deceasing and that is placing the sport in danger. 

"ITTF's recent reforms hindered a lot of athletes to play in the Olympic Games and now, there is lesser chances in the World Championships." Liu Guoliang said, referring to the newest development in the World Championships. 

In the past, table tennis has gone through a number of reforms and they were assumed to block or hinder the strong domination of the Chinese Team towards the sport. However, China has remained to be on top of its game. 

This time, Liu Guoliang thinks that the reform on decreasing the number of participants in the World Championships is not only hindering the potential of many players but also putting the sport in danger. 

"If we blindly restrict China then there will be a decrease in manpower and resources China will be investing on table tennis. It will be a great loss for the sport and table tennis is in more danger." Liu Guoliang explained. 

For Cai Zhenhua, the true thrill of the sport comes from allowing more players to grow through participating in major competitions. 

"Young players from Portugal, France and Japan are very outstanding. If they will allow these promising talents to develop, our advantage will not be that obvious. The thrill from the games will then come out naturally." Cai Zhenhua said. 

Photo source: Sports 163

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