Thomas Weikert On Chinese Domination

Thomas Weikert On Chinese Domination
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Chinese domination in table tennis has been treated as a cause of concern in the sport. There has been talks that it could possibly threaten the existence of table tennis in the Olympics and more. To continue the development of the sports, the ITTF has implemented various reforms and majority see it as something to hinder the Chinese Team. Does the upcoming leader of the ITTF believe the same? 

Global Times. Thomas Weikert will be assuming the ITTF Presidency this year. What could be his views regarding the Chinese Team and their dominance? 

Q: Others complain about the dominance of China in the table tennis sport as it prevents other countries' initiative to participate. How do you feel you would be able to solve the problem? 

A: China is a superpower in table tennis. Over the past years, they have continued to adopt an open mind set. They made other associations to benefit from China's technical training and competition. I believe that this is extremely important, allowing all parties to benefit, including China. Therefore, I very much agree on this move of China. I have a very positive evaluation on China's hard work and openness towards the development of the sport with other countries. 

Q: Some people think that the new regulation of cutting the number of participants from each association in the World Championships is mainly to suppress the Chinese Team and has a negative effect on the weaker countries. What do you think? 

A: I think that limiting the number of players allows the World Championships to continue its existence. Between the big and small countries in table tennis, we had to make some compromises. I hope that this compromise will succeed. 

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The 1st WTTC was held in 1926, but China made their first appearance in 1953

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