Thomas Weikert Reveals The Direction Of The Ittf

Thomas Weikert Reveals The Direction Of The ITTF
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The official governing body of the table tennis sport will have a new president this September after Adham Sharara leaves the position for a new position of ITTF Chairman. The position will not be vacated for long as German Table Tennis Federation president Thomas Weikert will assume the roles immediately. Would the new leader take a different route or follow what the former has started? 

Global Times. Thomas Weikert will be the next ITTF President as Adham Sharara leaves this September for the Chairman position. 

Q: What is your first priority after taking office? Are you going to continue the reforms that Mr. Sharara has started or you are going to a different direction? 

Thomas Weikert: I am currently familiarising this new position. Undoubtedly, Sharara has opened a series of reform processes and I will continue these measures. But there is one thing that I can tell everyone right now: Mr. Sharara has given great importance to the development of table tennis in this world. This is something that I will continue to strengthen. 

Q: You are also the president of the German Table Tennis Association. Germany's level in table tennis is currently Europe's number one. How do you see the future of the German Team? 

Thomas Weikert: Germany's Men's Team is currently very strong. This is true. This year's Tokyo World Team Championships finals between China and Germany was a showdown of same levels. But I would like to congratulate the Chinese Team. They used there strength to win the battle, convincing the people. As to if the German Team will be able to have a greater challenge against the Chinese Team, only the future can tell. 

Q: There has been rumours that table tennis is in danger of being excluded from the Olympic program. Are you worried about this?  

Thomas Weikert: Table tennis is an integral part of the olympic program. Its identity and image have greatly improved since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. There was a significant increase as to its ranking among all the sports. It is unimaginable that table tennis will be removed from the Olympics. I do not think there is any crisis. 

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