Training Tips On Internet

Training Tips on Internet
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How to train off the table? Two decades ago video tapes were a way for players to learn and improve. Now the technology has evolved a lot and we can interact with other players, watch tutorials online, among others. All this information is spread on internet, so we collected it and put it together for you. 

We give our best to keep you updated with all the news about the world of table tennis, but now we want to dedicate this post to all fans who want to improve their game. 

Thanks to internet, we can have access to all kind of information, including about table tennis.  We can find training tips, video tutorials and even piece of advices by coaches online. All this information is spread on the we, so we tried to put some of them together to you. 

youtube channels

PingSkills: training tips by experts. You can also find them on and on facebook  


TableTennis Master: youtube channel of the table tennis community Table Tennis Master 

mytischtennisde: youtube channel of the German table tennis community 

ppstationchina: analysis of Chinese players' techniques 

ttedge: youtube channel by Oceanian champion William Heinzell.

Web sites and blogs training tips, news, interviews and more by New Zealand's player and coach Matt Hetherington. You can also find him on facebook and as a writer on training tips by table tennis player and coach Ben Larcombe. You can also find him on facebook Expert Table Tennis with Ben Larcombe.

Larry Hodges's Daily Blog ,  tips of the day and tip of the week and OOAK Table Tennis Forum

If you know about other youtube channels or web sites, where to find table tennis tips, you can write them below to add them to the list. 

Photo source: Tischtennis in Deutschland's facebook page 

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