Xu Xin: No Regrets In Choosing Penhold (Video)

Xu Xin: No Regrets In Choosing Penhold (Video)
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Penhold is becoming extinct in the table tennis world but there is still someone who is carrying the responsibility of its continuous existence, and he is Xu Xin. In his interview in Incheon, Xu Xin admitted that there are disadvantages of using such style but he doesn't have any regrets. 

Sohu Sports. Penhold might not be as widely used as the shakehand but it is not dying especially when it is supported by the world's number one, Xu Xin. 

Xu Xin was the only main player from the Chinese Team who participated in this year's Korea Open. He led his younger and less-experienced teammates in the competition. As the top seed, Xu Xin delivered what was expected of him and reached the finals where he met his teammate Fang Bo. 

Xu Xin won the championship title and became the only player to have successfully defended the title. He won in five games. 

Xu Xin vs Fang Bo 2014 Korean Open MS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

During the competition, Xu Xin had an interview with the local media and talked about how he feels being a penhold player. 

"Actually, I started to use Penhold when I was still very young. Although I have to overcome a lot of difficulties in order to adapt with the evolution, I cannot say that I regret it. Despite that there are disadvantages of being a Penhold, there are more positive points from it. And in playing table tennis, we all need to diversify." Xu Xin said. 

The 2014 Asian Games will also be held in Incheon later this year and Xu Xin is scheduled to play in it. He said, he will give his efforts to train well for that competition. 

"As of now, we still don't have trainings specifically targeting the Asian Games. Probably by July, we'll have it. Of course, I will give all my efforts in it." Xu Xin concluded. 

Xu Xin also said in the interview that he likes South Korea and its food. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports

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