Zhang Jike Won't Allow His Future Children To Play Table Tennis

Zhang Jike Won't Allow His Future Children To Play Table Tennis
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The Chinese Team has been giving their best efforts to promote table tennis, that is to attract more people into the sport and Zhang Jike is one of the leading players tasked by Liu Guoliang. However, when talking about his future children, it seems Zhang Jike is not so keen on allowing them to engage in table tennis.  

Southern People Weekly. Zhang Jike and the Chinese Team want more people to engage in table tennis but it is not for everyone. 

As the leading team in table tennis, the Chinese Team has been giving their efforts in promoting table tennis not just domestically but also internationally. As of now, the Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike is the most famous player and Liu Guoliang has tasked him to take the lead in this endeavour. 

"Table tennis is extremely popular in China. But in terms of its international influence, there is still some gap compared to other big sports. I hope that there would be more people who would participate in the table tennis sport." Zhang Jike said. 

However, when asked about what are his expectations on his future offspring or offsprings? Zhang Jike answered: 

"Offsprings is a relatively distant topic. If I have to consider it, first of all, I will not allow him to choose the sport table tennis. From my own experience, it is extremely hard." 

The World Champion Wang Hao also hesitates to have his son play table tennis professionally. 

Photo source: cnhubei

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