Ariel Hsing Aims To Learn & Win In The Super League

Ariel Hsing Aims To Learn & Win In The Super League
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Ariel Hsing is one of the strongest name in American table tennis but she remains to be humble. As she participates in this season's Chinese Super League, although winning could be the best scenario, she only aims to learn a lot from her colleagues and the competition. She also revealed her long term goal which is to win an Olympic medal. 

Sichuan Online. At age 16, Ariel Hsing is already exposed to international competitions. Find out what are her goals both in the international arena and in the Chinese Super League.  

Q: You were only 16 years old when you first participated the Olympic Games. How did you feel about that? 

Ariel Hsing: "There was really tension during that time. Before participating, I was in a small corner. I cannot see anything. I can only hear the sounds. Then, after I made some meditations, I felt okay and not nervous anymore. But when I entered the arena and saw six thousand people watching me, I still felt nervous. For the second and third match, I got used to it." 

Q: What is your biggest dream as a professional athlete? 

Ariel Hsing: "It is to win a medal in the Olympic Games. This is in fact very difficult. The Chinese Team is still too strong."

Q: What are your goals coming to the Super League? 

Ariel Hsing: "I was a little worried before coming because I grew up in America and I was afraid that my lifestyle will not be like theirs. But the team has welcomed me very warmly. As for the goals, I think that winning or losing is not important. Coming here to China is for learning. I want to improve myself and of course, winning would be the best.

Photo source: Getty Images/Feng Li

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