Chinese Super League Introduces Two-Toned Ball

Chinese Super League Introduces Two-Toned Ball
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The new plastic ball that will be replacing the old celluloid ball hasn't received a lot of support from the table tennis community. Would a two-toned ball spark the excitement of fans? History will be made this year in China as the Super League will use a two-coloured ball for the finals. This is for people to enjoy more the sport. 

China Interactive Sports. The Chinese Super League will be making history this year as they will be the first one to use a two-toned ball in their matches. 

The finals of this season's Chinese Super League will be held on August 7 to 10. Aside from the anticipation of which teams will battle in the playoffs, there is also an increasing excitement as to the ball that will be used. 

For the first time in history, a two-coloured ball will be used in a table tennis competition. Half of the ball is in orange while the other one is in white. It is manufactured by DHS. 

The reason behind this is that the organisers and the Chinese Table Tennis Association would want ordinary fans to understand the sport more. With the use of the two-toned balls, the rotation will be much more visible during competitions and this will make fans appreciate the sport more. 

During this year's World Team Championships, the Chinese Table Tennis Association has already submitted a proposal to the ITTF to use two-toned balls in competitions. 

Rotation is the greatest charm of table tennis. Using just one coloured ball would not allow people to appreciate this. Now, with this proposal, the table tennis sport will be getting one notch higher in terms of promotion. This also proves that the Chinese Team is sincere in their efforts to the further development of the sport. 

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