Is Zhang Jike Ready For Expectations & Responsibilities?

Is Zhang Jike Ready For Expectations & Responsibilities?
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When no one believed in his capacity, Zhang Jike stepped up his game and slowly made his way to the top. Now that he has already achieved the Grand Slam, all the attention are on him. Expectations are high and responsibilities are big, and this made him feel pressured. Could that be the reason for his inconsistencies? 

PingPang World. When everyone tries to put you down, you are motivated to prove them wrong. But what do you do when you are on top? This is Zhang Jike's current concern. 

Zhang Jike's athletic career wasn't that smooth. In fact, he didn't have much supporters before. This, in effect, motivated him to work hard in training and his efforts slowly paid off. Starting in 2010, Zhang Jike was on the rise and in 2012, at age 24, he was crowned as Olympic champion. 

Being the only Grand Slam champion, Zhang Jike naturally was considered to be the new leader of the Chinese Team.  

"For the age standpoint, Zhang Jike is currently the best. He has experienced the London Olympics and has grown to be the leader figure of the Chinese Men's Team. I hope he will be able to contribute more glory to the Chinese table tennis." Wang Hao said.   

As for the head coach Liu Guoliang, he thinks that Zhang Jike has all the achievements to be the leader of the team. But because his role suddenly matured, Zhang Jike seemed to have affected with pressure. 

"From the age and achievements, Zhang Jike is the boss. He still wants to play up but his role suddenly changed which increased his pressure." Liu Guoliang said. 

At a young age, Zhang Jike has assumed a big responsibility and currently, this has become a challenge for him. Hopefully, Zhang Jike will be able to adjust soon enough and exercise stable leadership for the team. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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