Liu Shiwen: Hard Work Always Produces Good Results

Liu Shiwen: Hard Work Always Produces Good Results
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Liu Shiwen had an outstanding performance in this year's World Team Championships, allowing her to prove her capacity in such competition. It should be said that the credit be given to Liu Shiwen who has worked really hard during the Closed Training. Now that the competition has ended, Liu Shiwen believes that with hard work, good results arise. 

Sina Sports. Having been doubted by the coaching staff and the fans, Liu Shiwen gave her all to prove herself in the Tokyo World Team Championships. 

The Closed Training is already a tradition of the Chinese National Team. It is supposed to prepare their players for the competition ahead. In the recent training held in Chengdu, Liu Shiwen was commended for her utmost hard work. 

Aside from her personal coach Liu Zhiqiang, she also had three more coaches: the 2008 Olympic champion Ma Lin, women's team head coach Kong Linghui, and the head coach Liu Guoliang. Aside from intense physical workouts, Liu Shiwen also went through thorough counselling for her psychological capacity. 

For Liu Zhiqiang, the biggest improvement of Liu Shiwen was that she is now able to talk about the things she most feared and worried. She was able to accept her flaws and courageously addressed them. 

"Having to successfully complete the Closed Training and the people who helped me are very much related." Liu Shiwen said. 

Eventually, Liu Shiwen's efforts paid off after the World Team Championships. "I finally came out of the shadows. I told myself that my physical ability is a lot stronger now than two years ago. As long as I constantly do what I have to do, there will definitely be good results." Liu Shiwen added. 

For her, the Closed Training was the most tiring 40-days of her life, not only physically, bit also mentally. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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