Ryu Seung Min Assumes National Team Coach

Ryu Seung Min Assumes National Team Coach
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The 2004 Athens Olympic champion Ryu Seung Min has been inactive in competing in the international circuit. Just this week, it has been reported that the Olympic champion has accepted the responsibility of being a coach, especially now that the team's morale is declining. 

Sina Sports. The South Korean Table Tennis Team accepts a new coach and he is no other than the 2004 Athens Olympic champion Ryu Seung Min. 

Since after the 2012 London Olympics, Ryu Seung Min has left South Korea for the German League. After returning home in May, he planned to go to the United States to study. However, because of the requirements of the South Korean National Team, he decided to postpone the study. 

"The sudden proposal of the Table Tennis Association gave me some worries but seeing the downturn of the South Korean table tennis, I decided to postpone my plan to study and made my own contribution for the South Korean Team." Ryu Seung Min said. 

In the latest World Championships, the South Korean Team clearly struggled. They were tested several times in the Group Stage and failed in the quarterfinals against Chinese Taipei. This has been bad result for the team who has been one of the top four teams. 

"Ryu Seung Ming will be contributing a lot of experience to the South Korean Team. As of now, our unsatisfactory results in the World Championships led to losing our confidence. So it is necessary to have a big brother to give support to the National Team, which is very critical." South Korean Table Tennis Association states. 

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