The Two-Toned Ball's Potential Threat To Players

The Two-Toned Ball's Potential Threat To Players
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In order for viewers to appreciate the rotation of the ball at play, the Chinese Table Tennis Association proposed a two-coloured ball. This has been supported and accepted by the coaches of the Super League Teams. One of them is Beijing Team's Yan Yongguo. Although he supports the proposal, he wants his players to prepare for the potential threat. 

Beijing News. Innovation fuels progress and that's what the Chinese are doing for table tennis. But there is also inherent risks. 

After the news about the two-toned ball broke out in the Chinese media, Beijing Women's team coach Yan Yongguo said that it will surely challenge the capabilities of the players to adjust. 

"It hasn't been delivered yet as of now. It will surely have some effects on the players. Before, the single-coloured ball is visually stable. With the two-toned ball, players will have a difficulty to focus." Yan Yongguo said. 

However, the head coach is not much worried with the effect as it will not only affect his players but the players from other teams as well, and the effect will just be the same. 

From the perspective of reform and innovation, Yan Yongguo is one with the other coaches who support the Chinese Table Tennis Association's proposal. 

The Beijing Women's Team is currently ranked first among other teams and is in a good position to be in the playoffs. They will most likely be able to try out this new innovation. 

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