Toriola And Gao's 41-Shot Rally In Glasgow 2014 Goes Viral! (Video)

Toriola and Gao's 41-shot rally in Glasgow 2014 goes viral! (VIDEO)
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Table Tennis has been the talk of town on internet in the last days. Segun Tariola of Nigeria and Gao Ning of Singapore played a great rally in semifinals of the 2014 Commonwealth Games's men team. The rally made spectators go crazy. This effect extended to internet where the "41-shot table tennis rally" went viral.

Table Tennis has been the focus of attention on internet in the last days. Segun Toriola of Nigeria and Gao Ning of Singapore played an awesome rally in men team's semifinals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games which is being held in Glasgow, Scotland. People at the Scotstoun Sports Campus were amazed and gave players a huge ovation. 

The rally had the same effect on internet, where the video titled "Incredible 41-shot rally" has gone viral. The video has been published on popular news web sites under the adjectives "epic", "insane", "monster", among others. 

Most of Table Tennis fans agree that this kind of rallies are normally seen in tournaments and better rallies deserved to get attention. But the important thing to point out here is that Table Tennis got media's attention thanks to Toriola's and Gao's efforts. 

41-shot rally on:



Video kindly shared by Commonwealth Games

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