Wang Hao Takes Pride From His Olympic Silver Medals

Wang Hao Takes Pride From His Olympic Silver Medals
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Wang Hao is one of the most respected players in table tennis but in his 16 years of his professional career, there was one medal he wasn't able to achieve. Despite that, Wang Hao is still thankful for his Olympic silver medals as they made him much stronger both in and out of the arena.  

East Asian Economic News. Wang Hao has been in three consecutive Olympic Games. Although, he only landed with the silver, he takes pride from them. 

A World Champion, a three-time World Cup Champion and an Olympic Team Champion, among others, Wang Hao is considered an important figure in men's table tennis, especially in the Chinese Team. 

Although it could be quite regretful that he hasn't won the Olympic Singles gold, Wang Hao is matured enough to deal with it 

"Actually, there is no difference (among the three occasions). In the London Olympics, I said that I was grateful for everyone who supported me. Really, in my eyes, the colour of the medals is already the same. I thank these three silver medals. If not for them, my mental capacity may not be as strong and it may not have matured fast. These medals make me aware on how to treat all the difficulties in life." He said. 

Wang Hao will be turning 31 before this year will end and among the Chinese players, this is already a retiring age. Although there has been less opportunities for Wang Hao to compete, he revealed that he still trains intensely. 

"(My training condition) is good. Recently, it has been intense." Wang Hao revealed. With regards to his life after retirement, Wang Hao is still open to a lot of things but he hopes to remain in the table tennis community. 

"I certainly have some plans. I have been with table tennis for many years so I certainly hope that I can still do work that is table tennis related." Wang Hao concluded. 

Photo source: China News 

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