2014-15 Bundesliga's Teams - Part 2

2014-15 Bundesliga's teams - Part 2
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The Bundesliga will kick off next week, so it is the right time to know the teams in competition and their players. On Monday we showed you five clubs: Borussia Düsseldorf, Zugbrücke Grenzau, Frickenhausen, Saarbrücken and Mühlhausen. Today we will see five more: Hagen, Fulda-Maberzell, Ochsenhausen, Schwalbe Bergneustadt and Werder Bremen. 

TTC Hagen 

TTC Hagen has two new players for this season. Germany's Ricardo Walther arrives from Borussia Düsseldorf and will replace Jonathan Groth, who is Zugbrücke Grenzau's new player. Chiang Hung-Chieh will take Maharu Yoshimura's place. Romania's Ovidiu Ionescu stays in the club. 

Ovidiu Ionescu

Photo source: TTC Hagen's fan page


Last season's finalist look for the title in this season, but it lost one of its main players: Patrick Franziska, who is in Borussia Düsseldorf now. Fulda made an exchange with Borussia and signed Patrick Baum. Christian Süss also moved from Borussia to Fulda. They will join the defensive players Wang Xi and Ruwen Filus

Photo source: TTC RhönSprudel Fulda-Maberzell's fan page

Liebherr Ochsenhausen

Ochsenhausen will have a young team after Ryu Seungmin's departure. Brazil's Hugo Calderano will be the new team mate of Simon Gauzy, Kirill Skachkov and Liam Pitchford

Photo source: TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen's fan page 

TTC Schwalbe Bergneustadt

This club will make its debut in the Bundesliga. Steffen Mengel, Frickenhausen's former player, will lead the team also made up by Benedict Duda and Brazil's Gustavo Tsuboi.

Photo source: TTC Schwalbe Bergneustadt's facebook page 

SV Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen lost its star Chuang Chih-Yuan, but retains two experienced players: Adrian Crisan and Constantin Cioti. Chuang's replacement is Bastian Steger, Saarbrücken's former player. Paul Drinkhall also left the club and was replaced by Hunor Szocs. 

Photo and info. source: TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen's fan page 

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