Chinese Champions Visit Africa For Table Tennis Promotion

Chinese Champions Visit Africa For Table Tennis Promotion
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Africa would be the latest beneficiary of the Chinese efforts in promoting table tennis much further. According to the Chinese Association and the ITTF, some legends will be traveling to Tunisia next month for a competition and a training camp. This event hopes to raise the level of awareness on table tennis on the region. 

CTTA. Tunisia will not just host the Junior Open but they will also be hosting the China in Africa Training Camp. 

The Chinese Team, being the strongest team in table tennis, has clearly pointed out the need to accelerate the internationalisation of table tennis

Just recently, we reported on the joint cooperation of Australian Table Tennis Club and the Shandong Team. China also partnered with Dubai. 

In September, during the 2014 Tunisia Junior and Cadet Open, several Chinese legends will be visiting the tourist town, Sidi Bou Said. Aside from the competition, there will also be a training camp that will be taking place. It is named "China in Africa." 

The Chinese Table Tennis Association announced last July 30 that table tennis legends, Chen Jing and Guo Yuehua will be just two of the official delegation who will be travelling to Tunisia for the said event. Chen Jing is the first Olympic Women's Singles champion while Guo Yuehua has been a four-time World Championships Men's Singles finalist. He won in Novi Sad (1981) and in Tokyo (1983). 

Apart from them, coaches Zhang Qin and Yu Yang, and players Fang Yinchi, Geng Zihao, Yang Yanmei and Yuan Xuejiao will also be a part of the delegation. 

This event aims to help develop and promote table tennis in the region through direct interaction with the best people in table tennis. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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1904 was the first time Table Tennis was played in China

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